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Our innovative system of infrared light therapy beds for your whole body uses the rejuvenating powers of light to help remove various toxins, manage pain and facilitate weight loss.

the INFRARED wellness experience

Our goal is to help you refresh and rejuvenate your body by providing you with our cutting-edge infrared light therapy treatments. Our LED-light therapy beds can incorporate vibrating massage devices alongside our comfortable full-body infrared system and our red light therapy sauna can give you an experience that relaxes and rejuvenates your body and mind.

The Science of Infrared Therapy

Infrared is a beneficial wavelength of light that can seep into the deeper layers of skin up to 7 centimetres deep. This allows infrared light to suffuse your musculature, nervous systems and even your bones. Once inside your body, photoreceptors in the cells of these systems absorb the infrared light, where its energy activates rejuvenating metabolic processes that offer multiple benefits.

The Benefits of Infrared Therapy

The metabolic reactions infrared light causes in your cells may provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased cellular repair and regeneration
  • Improved blood circulations and oxygen distribution
  • Enhanced deep tissue healing
  • Pain relief through muscle relaxation and regulated blood pressure
  • Better nutrient delivery

Explore the Wonders of the Wellness Cocoon Pro

The Wellness Pro POD System is a revolutionary sauna therapy device using infrared light to stimulate cellular detoxification and regeneration in your body. Using dry air and infrared heat, this cutting edge light-therapy pod relaxes your muscles and prompts your body to repair itself at a cellular level.

The infrared treatment also helps your body cleanse toxins obtained from the environment and food, assisting your cells in flushing these unpleasant substances and ensuring your body is fresh and rejuvenated when you step out of its warm embrace.

The Thermofusion Vortex

The Wellness Cocoon Pro utilises two heat sources. Radiant heat and infrared (IR) – we call this powerful vortex “Thermofusion”

Radiant heat is a dry heat and when used within the pod, it heats the air that circulates inside reaching maximum air temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius.

Infrared Heat (IR) is responsible for warming the body at a cellular level. IR rays are invisible to the naked eye however IR is all around us. The IR ray is what makes you feel warm when you stand in the sunshine.

The full spectrum system uniquely heats the body and the IR penetrates deeply into joints, muscles and tissues. This effect increases oxygen flow within the blood and increases circulation along with an array of many benefits.

Weight Loss Solution

Research has shown that far infrared sessions can burn upwards of 600 calories! When the core body temperature is raised, your heart rate increases to aid in cooling your body. This increases your heart rate and your metabolism. This synergistic effect causes the body to burn more calories. Our system has a dedicated programme to assist with weight management – it even has a built in estimator that estimates your calorie loss per session!

Wellness and Detox

Sweating is one of the ways the human body heals and regulates temperature. For this reason, we sweat every day. With our system, infrared technology is able to heat the body and safely raise the core body temperature to produce an effective sweat – this is a deep sweat at a cellular level, which is where many toxins are stored.

Another added benefit clients see when “sweating” for a short period is remarkable improvements in relation to stress reduction and overall mental health improvement. Sweating is very relaxing and heat is remarkably calming. Thermofusion supports the muscles to relax when they are warmed, which facilitates the release of stress and fatigue from muscle tension. Tension caused from stress reveals itself in aches and pains throughout the body – these are often alleviated through the use of the Wellness Cocoon Pro.

High Intensity Interval Training

The Wellness Cocoon Pro fitness program is a low impact workout with the benefits of a standard grueling cardio workout.

With the use of resistance bands and a specialised guided program, clients can participate in a HIIT program with 2 levels of intensity. This further increases your heart rate which assists in a deeper, detoxifying sweat and you’ll burn more calories!

Our IR heat fitness protocol it is also ideal for people who are recovering from injury or have a low tolerance to activities like running for example.

But wait. There's More!

In addition to the above features, there are also an array of luxe bonus features that make this experience second to none:

Jade Stone Comfort: In our luxurious underlay, both jadeite disks are the feature. These minerals are a  natural conductor of far infrared waves. Using the jade mat increases negative ions which are released into the pod. This enhances your experience and effectiveness of the pod even further!

Vibratory Massage Bed: Contoured and ergonomically comforting, the bed vibrates to produce a relaxing feeling and assists to melt away stress and tension.

Salt Therapy: Heated by IR light, the salt is inhaled through the cool air fans at the head of the pod. When inhaled, salt floods your respiratory system with charged negative ions that boost your internal environment. Inhaled salt therapy can help remove moisture, mucous and kill bacteria.

iPad Connectivity: Don’t want to disconnect for the session? No worries! We also provide an iPad with several streaming platforms, mediation and relaxation music.

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils can be added to your session for no extra charge to enhance your olfactory experience.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

― Hippocrates

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Infrared Light Therapy offers a lot of positive effects on your body. From Detoxification, weight loss, and cellular rejuvenation, our Infrared Light Therapy pods are available for use and booking at our Loganlea branch. We are located at 27b Evergreen Ave, Loganlea, Queensland 4131 by appointment only.

Contact us now if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist. Experience the wonders of our infrared light pods today.

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